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Personalised Marketing/Customer segmentation

Personalized marketing and customer segmentation are all about collection users behavioral and metadata, CRM data, geolocation, social media data to unify, process and assume the user’s preferences in the future.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis allows the company owner or the service provider to learn about the real attitude of the customers towards their brands. Regarding the travel industry, customers reviews play a huge role. Pain points.

Recommendation engines

These recommendations are often provided by matching the client's wishes and needs with the available offers. Generally speaking, applying the data-powered recommendation engines solutions the travel and tourism companies can offer the rental deals, alternative travel dates, new routes, destinations and attractions based on previous search and preferences.

Route optimization

Trip planning, taking into account different destinations, schedules, working hours and distances may be quite challenging. Here comes travel route optimization.

Key objectives of this optimization are as follows: minimization of the travel costs, time-management & minimization of distance.

Travel support bots

Tourism forecasting models

Predicting travel activity for specific periods and customer segments. Their principal task is to identify long-term and short-term opportunities for new deals

Dynamic pricing and fair forecasting

Self-learning algorithms are capable to collect historical data and predict future price movements taking into account all the external factors. For instance, in the hotel industry these algorithms are often used to carry out the following tasks: -to avoid discounts for the days that do not need special promotion -to increase the weekend rates -to maintain the information relevance between the official websites and third-party booking service providers. -lead time dynamics, understanding how fare should be priced based on time prior to a holiday being booked.

Repeat Rate

Understand repeat rate (of customer purchasing, customer long term value)

Email Campaigns

Classification of what media to advertise to people and frequency e.g. email campaigns